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Specialized Transport Services

Duffy Crane and Hauling is known and trusted throughout the Rocky Mountain region as the “go to” company for moving oversized and heavy-weight machinery and components.

With power demands rising and energy companies expanding, Duffy Crane and Hauling’s specialized transport is geared to move transformers weighing upwards of 500,000 lbs., massive boiler units, and the oversize turbines and blades for generating wind energy.

For these critical moves, we have high capacity lowboys with multiple jeeps and expandable trailers. For even heavier loads, a specially designed beam and dolly system with independent steering and suspension is utilized, often with a 200 ton hydraulic gantry system to “inch” the load into place. No load is too big, too heavy or too critical for Duffy Crane and Hauling to transport and set both safely and cost effectively.

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